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Alex McIntosh
20 December 2019 | Alex McIntosh

Seeing Red

For many years the differentiation between Syrah and Shiraz has been one that’s difficult to grasp. Both originating from the same grape varietal, these two reds embody similar characteristics including flavour notes of white and black pepper. What many don’t know is that Syrah and Shiraz each have their own unique process and flavour profile.

However, what truly sets both Shiraz and Syrah apart, is the process and environment in which they are created. Whilst Syrah historically hails from Northern France in the Rhones region and Shiraz from South Australia; a classic Syrah is known to be lighter than a Shiraz, featuring more complex and smokey flavours including notes of cherry and on the nose a full-bodied and herbaceous aroma.   

Below we explore two of our crowd favourites, the Ingram Road 2018 Heathcote Shiraz and the Helen’s Hill 2018 Hilltop Shiraz, taking you through their differences and unique characteristics. 


Ingram Road 2018 Heathcote Shiraz

Heathcote provides us with the perfect climate to produce our Ingram Road Shiraz. The deep red Cambrian soils combined with the hot growing conditions are perfect for this big bold variety. The wine is made from Single Vineyard fruit with our usual fastidious attention to quality. It is made at our winery following the same “less is more” winemaking ethos.

Helen’s Hill 2018 Hilltop Syrah

At Helen’s Hill, we like to think of ourselves as all-rounders. It’s an ethos that serves you well in a family business. That being as it is, our Hilltop Syrah has a real soft spot in our hearts. It’s the all-rounder's style of Shiraz that’s begun to pick up somewhat of a cult following in big red drinking circles. The Yarra Valley provides our Shiraz vines with the ability to produce a style of wine that has an elegance to it that is simply unattainable for classical Australian Shiraz. It broadens our Syrah’s potential for food pairings and drinking occasions immeasurably, and we love it!

Grown on the ‘Hill Top’, the highest point of Helen’s Hill, the vines are exposed to the hottest temperatures on our property, allowing them to thrive. The result, as owner Allan describes it, is an iron fist in a velvet glove. A cool climate Syrah with all the elegance and power required to make a lasting impression.

Try out our home-grown varieties for yourself and we’ll let the flavours of these two brilliant and bold reds speak for themselves!



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