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Alex McIntosh
29 November 2019 | Marketing | Alex McIntosh

Wine myths debunked

Wine lovers take many forms and with the rise of a new generation of wine drinkers, we thought it might be worthwhile to debunk a few common wine myths for those wishing to expand their knowledge in our area of specialty – wine.

Wine myth: Red wine should be served at room temperature

Depending on the weather or where you are, room temperature may not be the optimal temperature to enjoy all your bottle of red has to offer. Wine served too cold or too hot may limit the flavours and overall tasting experience of that drop. The ideal temperature for red wine is between 15-18°C. So if it’s a hot day and you’re really craving a red, don’t be scared to pop a bottle in the fridge to bring it down to that optimal temperature for drinking.

Wine myth: The older the wine, the better the wine

Not necessarily. This really depends on the wine, the varietal and how it was made. Some wines benefit from the ageing process while others are at their best in their youth. Traditionally, a red wine tastes better as it matures, whereas a white wine, or even a rosé, tastes better when cracked straight away. If you’re unsure of when the best time to drink your wine is, have a chat to who you’re buying it off to get an idea of when you’re going to get the best experience from your bottle. And if it’s a bottle you’re choosing save, it’s also worthwhile to ask about the best way to store it!

Wine myth: Decanting wine enhances the flavour

It does. But not all wine needs to be decanted. Decanting wine involves pouring a bottle of wine into another vessel, typically a decanter. This process allows the sediment in the bottle to be separated from the wine, it also helps to aerate the wine. As the wine is poured into a decanter (or any vessel for that matter) it takes in oxygen which can help open up certain fragrances and flavours. Opening these elements up helps to truly showcase the wine and therefore enhance your wine drinking experience.

Wine myth: The glassware you’re drinking your wine out of impacts the taste

Similar to decanting, what you choose to drink your wine out of has an impact on the flavour and profile of the wine. The shape of the glass helps release certain smells and flavours. So if you’re wondering whether you should drink your favourite bottle of red or white out of different glasses, the short answer is probably yes. Both styles of wine have different elements that need to be showcased and treated differently when drinking. Just like temperature has an influence, so does glassware.

All this debunking has probably made you thirsty. Our online Bottleshop has the perfect cure for that. Shop our range online, or better yet, come visit us at our Cellar Door and see if you agree with our opinions on the myths mentioned above.

Got any other myths you want us to debunk? Send us an email and we’d be more than happy to get back to you and clear anything up. After all, wine is meant to be enjoyed, and we’re here to make sure of that.


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